EGI Award Criteria

To be eligible for receiving the award, the Organization should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Clear Business Objectives:
    The GIS system value for the business has been recognized and identified by the organization including dedicating specific staff such as a GIS section and/or GIS centre to focus on undertaking the GIS implementation. This would include building up the business case, establishing the vision of the GIS implementation, and performing the necessary consultancy work to draw up a road map for the GIS within the organization and performing the required awareness among the stakeholders.
  2. System Infrastructure:
    The organization has built the infrastructure and in house capabilities to support the GIS community, this may include:
    • Furnishing the needed Hardware/Networking/Software required to operate the system.
    • Building dedicated training facility to transfer the GIS knowledge to new man power.
    • Starting an initiative to coordinate and facilitate the sharing of geospatial data among different agencies and stakeholders and support their own affiliate organizations through standards adoption, system implementation, data exchange and other kinds of coordination.
  3. Productivity, Scalability and User Satisfaction
    In this case, the organization has:
    • Successfully implemented the core GIS system and it is in use by the users and up to their expectations and satisfaction.
    • Successfully implemented and completed a new stage (expansion) of the core GIS system covering new business areas and new set of users.
  4. Usage of the latest technology (hi-tech)
    In this case, the organization has:
    Technology in general and especially the IT technology is moving at a very rapid pace and impacting every facet of our lives. Here, the criteria is to check whether or not the Organizations are keeping their Systems up-to-dated with the latest technology in term of HW and SW
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MGA Criteria

To be eligible for receiving this award, your Organization should meet the criteria related to the Architecture & Spatial Data, Services & Processes and Capabilities as follows:

  1. Architecture & Spatial Data:
    • Spatial data sets: This includes the Maturity of the Organization in Acquiring, updating, evaluating, sharing and managing spatial data sets as well as making these data sets available for the different users including defining the right to use, standards adoption/establishment and data protection
    • GIS software, hardware and networking required to operate the system as well as building applications for quick spatial data exploration and acquisition (through web services for example.
    • Technologies that support the use of spatial data: this includes using Architectures such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing to support the integration of GIS applications and business applications (for example, ERP and CRM).
  2. Services and Processes
    • Spatial data in customer services and solutions.
    • Spatial data in internal core processes as well as in support processes and services.
  3. Capabilities:
    • Internal capabilities of organization: this includes Leadership, Personnel resources, Communication of spatial data and Internal/external cooperation
    • Individuals' GIS capabilities: this includes Technical competences to use spatial data, Roles competence and commitment as well as setting and implementing professional training strategy to transfer the GIS knowledge to new man power and building and improving the capacity of existing staffs.
    • Organisation's external networking capability including Links to stakeholder groups and decision makers
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Award Ceremony


20 April 2016


7:00 PM


Rashidiya Ballroom, Al Bustan Rotana Hotel

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