The EGI Trophy

The EGI Awards recognize organizations that made innovative GIS programs, projects, and implementations. It has become a symbol of pride and achievement for those who receive it. Last year, the EGI Award is being transformed into a physical object that reflect the same sense of pride.

The new EGI trophy has been commissioned to leading Welsh sculptor and blacksmith, Gideon Petersen. After studying arts and sculpture at the Wimbledon School of Art, Gideon returned to Wales to focus on making sculptures. His body of work, made from different metals and other elements, is heavily influenced by his Celtic roots. His many prestigious public arts projects can be seen in Wales and elsewhere in the UK including the Millennium Stadium and the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

The inspiration for the trophy is the Wind Tower. A traditional Middle Eastern architecture, the wind tower or sometimes referred to as wind catcher, provides natural ventilation in buildings. In the UAE, they came into use sometime after 1850, in settlements such as Bastikiya, a historic trading port in Dubai. It has since become a symbol of heritage, not just in UAE but also throughout the GCC countries.

A contemporary interpretation, the EGI trophy captures the heart of this archetypal structure with the use of the diagonal walls that are essential for the wind to get funneled inside a building.

Each trophy will be hand forged, textured and polished into a precious sculpture fitting for a symbol of achievement.

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