Smart Maps

Submit a printed or online map

Do you have GIS map or poster? What about an smart map in ArcGIS Online? Showcase it at Smart MAP Gallery from April 19-21 2016! If you don't have an existing map, you can also make one and we can show it as well! These maps will be shown to Esri users, GIS professionals, leaders, decision makers, and university professors and students from across the UAE and Middle East.

Submission Guidelines

  • A brief description of how your smart map or poster helps you, your organization, or people in the real world
  • Printed or web-based maps in ArcGIS Online, either personal or created by your organization, are accepted.
  • The smart map or poster should have used Esri software or created in ArcGIS Online
  • If smart map is printed or to be printed, size should be A1 size (23.29 x 33.11 in) maximum two (2) numbers. If web based, please provide URL in ArcGIS Online
  • If the smart map is created in your internal GIS system please provide print out as well as few slides to be shown to the attendees.

  • To submit your Smart Map or Poster, please complete the Smart Map Submission Form. For any question, please feel free to contact me at to 06-575.0055 or email at

Submission Deadline

13 March 2016


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