SICAD Day | 19 April 2016

AED-SICAD is a leading supplier of geographic information systems and applications for the utilities and land management agencies. Its flagship solution, ArcFM UT is one of the most feature-rich GIS products for multi-utilities on the market. Competence and long-term experience in the most important markets for Geoinformation Systems are the most important factors that make us a GIS solutions expert. For core markets segments Land Management and Utilities, AED-SICAD offers path-breaking PRODUCTS, making professional users to confident CUSTOMERS. Our strong Partner ALLIANCES make sure, that with AED-SICAD you can rely on standard technologies and profit from the latest developments.

The Management of distribution networks involves many tasks like network operations, inspection, planned and unplanned maintenance and connecting new customers to the network as well as network planning and network calculation. For better decision making the access to accurate data from different sources is very essential. At this point the system integration between ArcFM UT and other IT systems such as SAP PM, SCADA and Network Calculation comes into the picture. AED-SICAD has a long term experience and a large customer base with this type of process integration. The key success factor is a good understanding of the business process, the Know- how of implementing workflows and a strong middleware for exchanging messages and data between the participating systems.



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